Friday, February 29, 2008

#3: Things that seem "free" but are really just "included"

Rich People don't really get the distinction between "FREE" and "INCLUDED." "Free" means that you're getting something for nothing. "Included" means that you already paid for it somehow. For example, a "free" drink is when you can get someone else to pay for a drink without doing anything in return. An "included" drink is when you pay to get into a club, and then they give you a drink, or when you buy a First Class ticket on an airplane (See #1) and they keep bringing you mini-bottles of Tanqueray. Drinks on the plane aren't free. They are just included. Ditto with those dumbass airplane headphones that won't plug into any other device because they have two prongs. So annoying.

Maybe this is why Rich People join country clubs. The golf and tennis aren't free - they are just included. But they will say something like "oh, let's go golfing, after all, it's free!" You can encounter the same phenomenon in first-class airport lounges, where Rich People tend to hang out before their flights. They sit around and drink coffee or eat the snacks because they think they're "free." Once again, just included. After all, why would a company give something away for free to someone rich? They're the ones who can pay the most to enjoy it.