Saturday, March 1, 2008

#6: Boots

Rich People have many pairs of boots because most of their favorite sports/outdoor activities require boots to be worn: riding, polo, hunting, skiing, snowboarding... the Elitist Sports require so many pairs of boots! Rich People really like the fact that these boots aren't interchangeable. The boots you wear for show jumping and the boots you wear for polo might not be the same. Rich People buy all of these different kinds of boots for horse-related sports in both black and in brown to match all of their different riding/hunting/jumping/polo outfits. Buying so many pairs of boots gives Rich People something to spend their money on.

The winter sports also require boots. Ski boots are a particular favorite of Rich People because they are very expensive and yet extremely uncomfortable. Experiencing the pain associated with wearing expensive but uncomfortable boots helps Rich People feel less guilty about having so much money and spending it to zip down mountains that have been deforested to make nice open pistes for skiing. Most ski boots also have fancy and/or European names that Rich People like, such as Technica, Salomon, K2, and Rossignol. Some of these names are French, or even Swiss, and Rich People like that a lot, because it makes them think of the Alps. Ski boots are also heavy and difficult to pack in suitcases. Rich People think it is really funny to keep wearing ski boots around to bars and pubs after the ski day is finished so that you can show everyone that you look like all of the other Rich People.

Snowboard boots are a little more comfortable than ski boots. This is why Rich People mostly go skiing.